indoor playhouse

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to set up the Chalkboard Playhouse?

The Chalkboard Playhouse can easily be assembled or disassembled by one adult in less than five minutes.  The slotted wall panels interlock, so there are no tools or small parts to keep up with.  While your playhouse may have a permanent spot in the playroom, the easy assembly makes it possible to move the playhouse as needed or store it when not in use.

    What is the Chalkboard Playhouse made from?

    The Chalkboard Playhouse is made from sustainable Birch plywood.  This premium plywood has a solid core making the openings smooth and splinter free.  Both sides of the panels are prefinished with a durable nontoxic clear coat.
    The chalkboard writing surface is a high pressure chalkboard laminate.  It erases well with a standard chalkboard eraser, and can also be cleaned with a damp cloth.

      How and where are the Chalkboard Playhouses made?

      The Chalkboard Playhouses are handcrafted in the United States.  A CNC machine is used to precision cut the panels out.  Then, the exposed edges are rounded and sealed by hand.  Finally, each playhouse is carefully inspected before it is boxed and shipped to you.

        Can the Chalkboard Playhouse be used outside?

        The Chalkboard Playhouse is intended for indoor use only.  The playhouse should never be left outside.  Exposure to moisture and extreme temperatures will cause the plywood warp and deteriorate.  If you choose to take your playhouse outside, find a level, shady spot out of the sun and put a blanket under it to prevent contact with moisture from the ground.  Don't forget to bring it back inside.  The warranty does not cover exposure to moisture (including humidity or dew) or extreme temperatures.

          How long will the Chalkboard Playhouse last?

          The Chalkboard Playhouse is carefully crafted from durable materials and should last for many years.  After your children have outgrown their playhouse, it can be stored for the next generation or passed along to friends.

          Where did the outdoor playhouse plans go?

          No worries!  All of our outdoor playhouse plans have found a new home at